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I Need Democracy Now! Because...

I need Democracy Now! because Democracy Now goes to where the silence is. They hold those in power accountable. They are not a party to the parties. They are a real independent check and balance on power with daily journalism, getting us that much closer to democracy now! Happy 18th Birthday Democracy Now! - By Jacob Dean of Filter Free Radio in Portland, Oregon 2/21/2014. #DemocracyNowBecause @democracynow





EXPOSED: Olympic Athlete Exploitation NOT SEEN ON TV!

STOP! NBC and other Olympic Corporate Propaganda Pushers Don't Want You To Watch This Video!!!

During the week before the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, An "Olympic Snowden," Former U.S. Olympic Luge athlete exposes corruption and exploitation behind the scenes at the 2006 Winter Games in Italy. Samantha Retrosi exposes how her corporate sponsor Verizon censored her speech...

Do you know how much money of the tons the Olympics generates actually goes to the athletes? Do you know how the corporate sponsors censor athletes on what they can and can't say?

Samantha Retrosi the former US Luge athlete was a guest on Democracy Now! on 2/5/14:
and her original article was published by The Nation titled "Why the Olympics are a Lot Like 'The Hunger Games."

This clip is of Filter Free Radio's Jacob Dean and Skeptical Scott guest hosting The Nicole Sandler Show on Recorded live Wednesday 2/19/14 in Portland, Oregon




Name That Puppy Contest!!!

Hey friends,

Jacob Dean here with a fun and exciting contest for Filter Free Radio listeners! As you may know, we were off last week (1/27) because I got a brand new puppy! (Yes, I'm a HUGE dog lover!!!) Who doesn't love puppies? And I'm giving you a chance to help me name the new bundle of joy! I will be announcing the contest live today on the show (2/3.) We will announce the winning name on our next show and send you a free autographed Filter Free Radio Bumper Sticker if I pick your name suggestion! (And it's pretty cool to know you helped name the official Super Puppy of Filter Free Radio! :-) )

Email your puppy names to jThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the Subject Line: FFR Puppy Name Contest

OR Call in your suggestions to 1-503-746-TALK that's 1-503-746-8255 leave a message with your name, and if we pick yours you will receive a call back from Jacob to congratulate you! Listen to tonight's show to here some of the names you've sent us!

Here is something to keep in mind: She is a female chocolate lab. Her mom's name is Cocoa and her Dad's name is Cherio. She was born on December 11th and was the lightest colored chocolate of her liter... And I come from a long line of J-names (John, Jim, I do like J names...) This will be her actual name, I will consider funny names, and puns etc... but most likely will pick something appropriate for her.

Thanks and Good Luck! See you tonight at 7pm ET for Filter Free Radio live! Much love and keep up the good fight! - JD



FFR in for Nicole Sandler LIVE!

Hey Friends!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Tis the season.... Jacob Dean and Skeptical Scott of Filter Free Radio will be guest hosting the Nicole Sandler Show Monday and Tuesday mornings 10am-12n ET (7-9am PT) while Nicole Sandler is in for Randi Rhodes nationwide!

Join us for unfiltered news you can use today and tomorrow 12/30, and 12/31! at - - - - and more! 

Thanks so much for all your support! Keep up the good fight! Best, Jacob Dean 

P.S. You Can Watch and Chat Here Live 10am - 12noon Eastern (7am - 9am Pacific)

Video streaming by Ustream





#FastFoodStrikes Minimum Wage Protest in Portland, OR 12/5/13

Jacob Dean of Filter Free Radio and a few other demonstrators braved the below freezing cold temperatures in downtown Portland standing in solidarity with over 100 other cities nationwide protesting today 12/5/13 for fast food workers and a living wage minimum wage. Recorded live on-scene by Jacob Dean on 12/5/2013 in Portland, Oregon.


For more information on the Portland protest check out this article by Molly Young for -

Are you concerned about the ever-increasing wealth inequality gap in the United States? Are you noticing the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? Tired of feeling trapped, helpless, stuck? Join the thousands of people being the change, making their voices heard, and making a difference in over 100 different cities today and demand a living wage minimum wage. Because nobody who works full time for a living should go hungry! It's time we reclaim the American Middle Class and demand the rich owners of this country pay their workers, off whom their fortunes are made, a living wage of $15 dollars per hour. All workers in the USA should make at least $15 dollars an hour minimum. For example do you know what the fast food workers minimum wage is in Australia? (Spoiler Alert: It's $17 dollars an hour!) It's time the masses fight back, if you're tired of being screwed it's time to get active.





Lawsuit Challenges Constitutionality of Partisan Primary Elections

Filter Free Radio's Jacob Dean interviews Chad Peace, President of IVC Media LLC, the National Legal Strategist and Legal Advisor to the Independent Voter Project, and co-founder of the coalition about their lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Newark, New Jersey "demanding that every voter should have an equal and meaningful vote at every stage of the state-funded election process, regardless of their party affiliation or non-affiliation." This from "Over 47% of New Jersey voters choose not to register with a political party and 42% of American voters now self-identify as Independent or unaffiliated voters, yet most states have primary systems that give political parties special access to the voting franchise and penalize voters who do not wish to join a political party..." This from the actual complaint, "...By denying over 2.6 million New Jersey voters the right to cast a vote in the primary election, the State has disenfranchised nearly half of its electorate, and thereby, given private political parties and partisan voters a greater and unequal access to the voting franchise. As a result, New Jersey's elections are not free, not equal, and not constitutional for the reasons demonstrated herein."