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Dylan Ratigan | Archi's Acres | Sustainable Solutions

Former MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan quit his job and now makes a real difference in the world with sustainable food solutions, US military veterans returning home, and Archi's Acres! A system that uses 90% less water, grows 3x as much food, and 3x as fast and employs vets! It's not enough to talk about solutions anymore - we have to be the solutions. This clip is part 1 of 2 from FFR Episode 92

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Part 2:

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American Whistleblower Tour - Hanford Nuclear Site

American Whistleblower Tour Essential Voices for Accountability at Portland State University 5/22/2013.

Part 1 of 4 - Moderator Dana Gold is a Senior Fellow at GAP Government Accountability Project and the American Whistleblower Tour Director. Dana is the former Director of the Center on Corporations, Law & Society at Seattle University School of Law, she served as a GAP attorney representing whistleblowers from 1995 - 2002, and also serves on the Hanford Concerns Council- a forum for resolving Hanford worker concerns.

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Hanford Nuclear Engineer Whistleblower Fired Walt Tamosaitis - Part 2 and 3 of 4 - Featured guest Walt Tamositis former Hanford Nuclear site engineer turned whistleblower was removed from the Waste Treatment Plant project after raising safety concerns that would impact overall plant safety and operation. His case has garnered well-deserved attention from Congress due to the seriousness of the concerns and the retaliation taken against him.

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Part 4 of 4 - Featured guest Tom Carpenter is Executive Director of Hanford Challenge an organization that works to protect employees of the Hanford Facility and educate the public about issues regarding nuclear waste. He has represented numerous whistleblowers and workers at various nuclear sites around the nation.

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Love Hope and Faith by Jacob Dean

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Why are we putting all of our time, effort, energy, love, hope, and faith into systems in which we know to have fundamental structural flaws and continue to expect non-flawed outcomes? Broken systems provide broken outcomes in need of something better. So why are we pretending to be so surprised? If we continue to put our love, hope, and faith into broken economic systems, into broken political systems, into a broken world with fundamental structural flaws, into broken people - we are going to continue to receive the same broken outcomes. How do we break the cycle? With love, hope, and faith of course.

Why do we put so much of our love, hope and faith in one specific person? Or one specific group of people? People will let you down. Groups of people will also tend to let you down. People are flawed, broken. People fall short. You ever have that conversation with the person in the mirror asking what is the matter with you? We all fall short sometimes, because we are only human. Arguably just another type of "system" that has some deep structural flaws in need of something better. Love, hope, and faith. 

Which brings us back to what are we putting our love, hope, and faith into? Are we consistently being disappointed? Do we often repeat the same patterns and processes over and over again expecting something different to happen? What about the question of where does our capacity to love, hope, and have faith even come from? What should we put our love, hope, and faith into?

I'm aware that my ability, my own capacity to give and share genuine love, compassion, respect, hope, and faith is because I was first shown and given that same genuine love, compassion, respect, hope, and faith. Do those who cannot love do so because they were never first shown that love? Why do we all have this internal urge to want to be loved and to show love? Where does this internal moral sense of love, of right and wrong, of ethic come from? Why is it when something is wrong we not only know it in our mind, but we can feel it in ways beyond just acknowledgement?   

For me, I believe it has to be something greater than my own self. I know and can recognize that I am far from perfect, far from always right. We don't teach babies how to lie, cheat, steal, etc... they just naturally do it, and hence are inherently flawed from the beginning and in need of a moral compass, something greater than our own self to help us and to guide us. I make bad decisions. I make the wrong choices sometimes, even when I know better (just like every human being does.) That's when I usually hear and feel my internal moral compass pulling and pushing me back on the right course (and how I know it exists, and is from something greater than me- something more loving, more compassionate, more respectful, more ethical.) Let be clear here, this is not some, 'I hear the "voices" in my head,' or anything like that. It's much more of an overwhelming feeling in the moment, and like a sudden internal moral awakening and realization of what is going on. A sort of almost involuntary internal correcting. 

For me, I know this is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit at work inside me. I won't get any further into my religion and my personal belief on this "political" blog, we can get into that conversation another time, but I hope there is also a political take away from this, a bigger picture to see. We know we are not perfect, we know we all make mistakes. We all will fall short and disappoint. We can indulge in the power of money and greed. Would you do something for enough money you wouldn't otherwise do? (Something that conflicts with your internal moral power?) Sure, I would work at FOX News too if they paid me enough money, just ask Dennis Kucinich right now. 

We have got to first love ourselves. Find the connection we have with our internal morality and love. Then we can appropriately share that love, hope, and faith with others. We have got to stop being surprised that broken people who need help, working in a broken system that needs help, in a broken world that needs help - continues to produce broken flawed outcomes. If you're tired of feeling disappointed from putting your love, hope, and faith into things that let you down (i.e. politicians, political parties, sports teams, dancing celebrities, etc) you have to start putting your love, hope, and faith into something better than ourselves, something that cannot disappoint. We are all broken and in need of help. If you keep putting your love, hope, and faith into something that is broken it will eventually break you. We have to put our love, hope, and faith into something greater. 

I think the love, hope, and faith based moral revolution will be a slow trickle upwards and outwards, but first must begin inwards. We have to love ourselves, really truly love ourselves and others. Which creates more love simultaneously creating a real sense and feeling of hope which then allows us to put faith back into ourselves and each other. Slowly upwards and outwards, but first inwards. We have to put our love, hope, and faith into love, hope, and faith. 

Published 5/19/2013 on Filter Free Radio - Love Hope and Faith written by Jacob Dean. Email Jacob - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Monitoring of AP Phones a "Terrifying" Step in State Assault on Press Freedom

Today 5/15/13 from Democracy Now - - Chris Hedges: Monitoring of AP Phones a "Terrifying" Step in State Assault on Press Freedom





How People Power Generates Change

This is a must watch life changing interview with Marshall Ganz on Bill Moyers and Company from - We'll be covering this on the next episode of FFR no doubt. - JD






Tom Shadyac on Fear vs. Truth (Love, Hope, and Faith)

Recently Hollywood A-List Movie Director Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, I Am, etc...) sat down with Tavis Smiley to discuss his new book "Life's Operating Manual." Filter Free Radio's Jacob Dean and Skeptical Scott go through clips from the interview and break down the bigger picture: Fear vs. Truth plus Love, Hope, and Faith. This is a clip from FFR Episode 88 recorded live on 5/8/2013. 

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